Case Study: Kish, The WonderKid

How to Earn Money Online Affiliate Swaps x The Wonder Kid

Affiliate Swaps proudly presents The WonderKid, one of our epic trading affiliates! Discover how Kish started earning money by trading online and monetizing his content, and learn how YOU can do the same. Whether you’re a beginner trader or a budding influencer, we’re here to help you share your journey with others. Thanks to our partnership with YouSat TV, our affiliates get the chance to broadcast their content to over 25 million monthly active users!


Affiliate marketing and the trading industry are both multi-billion-dollar businesses. To meet these rising demand levels, affiliate marketing has recently been recognized as one of the most sought-after specialties in the marketing field. Our mission is to assist businesses and marketers grow by partnering influencers, affiliates, and/or content writers with trustworthy brokers.


Depending on the broker, affiliate marketing can contribute significantly to the company’s total revenue, whereas the marketer can benefit from increased commissions. However, if you already have a lucrative affiliate partnership, you can use it to diversify and increase your revenue.


One of the best things about trading; whether prices are going up or down, you can still make money


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing channel focused on performance. Affiliate marketers are compensated by the brokers for driving traffic or leads to their websites.

Let’s begin with a breakdown of the four primary affiliate marketing parties:


Individuals or businesses who receive compensation for generating clicks, leads, and/or new sign-ups with their marketing efforts.


Businesses/brands that pay affiliates commissions for driving traffic to their website.


End-users or prospective traders who click on an affiliate’s link. The Traders visit the broker’s website to sign up.


Affiliate Platforms
A technological solution that facilitates communication between the brokers and affiliates. Typically includes tools for tracking, reporting, and payment.



How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing may first be tough to comprehend, so let’s break it down.
When an affiliate (partner/marketer) partners with the affiliate program of one of our trusted brokers, the brand grants the affiliate access to unique tracking links and access to added features like Funded Accounts. The affiliate/influencer then uses these links to promote the broker by adding the links to their website, social media platforms, email campaigns, and other promotional channels.

These links take the end users directly to the brokers’ website, where they can sign up and start trading. The broker pays the affiliate a commission for every new sign-up that trades.



What Are The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Today, affiliate marketing is well-known and has a slew of advantages in its present state:


  • Low-cost and risk-free
  • New Collaborations & Partnerships
  • A specific target market
  • Enhanced adaptability
  • There are numerous ways to reach out to new customers



Utilize Affiliate Swaps to Leverage The Power of Credibility and Trust.

Affiliate marketing is more crucial than ever as traders are looking for reliable brokers to sign up with and brokers are looking for trusted marketers to promote their platforms. Traditional means of advertising no longer resonate with modern traders. We ensure we have the best affiliate publishers that have already earned the confidence of your target audience by utilizing real material. On the flip side, we only partner with the best brokers to ensure your audience sign up with a reliable platform.


Learn more about affiliate programs and how Affiliate Swaps’ partnership solution can benefit your business and earnings. Contact us today by filling in the form below, someone will get back to you right away.