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Stop Losing Money Trading the Markets – Affiliate Swaps x ForexDini

Affiliate Swaps proudly presents ForexDini, one of our epic trading affiliates! Discover how he started earning money by trading online and monetizing his content, and learn how YOU can do the same. Whether you’re a beginner trader or a budding influencer, we’re here to help you share your journey with others.


However, you don’t need to be one of them. Simply follow the best practices and advice in the industry and your profits will soon catch up with you! Watch the video to make sure you’re up to speed with the right steps in making the markets work for you!


How Does Trading Work?

Trading is fairly simple and straightforward. The way it works is it’s a two-way process. You trade in pairs, like EUR/USD. When you open a trade, you are essentially betting that the value of one currency will change relative to the other.


 If you want to maximize your profit potential in the markets, make sure you’re not making any of these common trading mistakes!



So, how to trade? You have two ways of trading – long and short. When you go long, you are betting that the exchange rate of a currency pair will go up. And when you go short, you bet that the value of the exchange rate will do down.

More precisely, the first currency (on the left), called the base currency, should be your guide. You job is to decide whether its value will rise or fall against the second currency (on the right), called the counter currency or quote currency.

If you think the base currency will strengthen, you purchase the currency pair. And if you believe it will weaken, you sell the pair, or go short.


Common Currency Trading Mistakes

Trading involves potential for mistakes in case you are not aware of how the market functions. Therefore, it’s important you keep learning and educating yourself on what moves markets, how to protect your funds, and how to get the most profit.



In that context, some common currency trading mistakes include:


Trading without a plan: Be sure to develop a trading plan that will include stop loss orders and take profits orders. Currencies are volatile and can quickly turn against your position.


Trading without risk management: Currency trading without a robust risk management system will likely lead to losses. Have a clear view of how you approach risk, how much you risk on any given trade, and how much you expect to gain.


Trading on emotions: Emotional trading can be costly. When approaching the market, be sure to remain calm and balanced and do not trade on emotions.


Risking too much on a single trade: while it may be attractive to think how much a single position can boost your funds, be sure to keep risk under control. Don’t throw all your hard-earned money on a single trade. Instead, balance your risk as you spread across a number of positions.


How to Win at Trading?

Trading can be a strong stream of income if you do it right. While there are many challenges you have to overcome, a good strategy will help you accelerate on your way to profits.


Be sure to prepare well before entering a trade, have a clear view of what’s to come in the markets, read the chart and do not take too much risk. Markets will most likely remain the biggest market on earth for much longer and will continue to offer lucrative returns. To this end, make sure you stay in the game for as long as possible.


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