Case Study: Solo E How to Trade a Funded Account

How To Trade A Funded Account – Affiliate Swaps x Solo E

Solo E, prominent influencer, was generous enough to make a presentation on how you can start your own funded account journey. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned trader, Solo E has prepared some insightful bits of knowledge and advice that will help you grow your account and reap some hefty profits. Just watch the video below and enjoy!

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How to trade a funded account?

Trading a funded account is one of the best ways to showcase your trading skills and enjoy outsized profits. A funded account starts as a challenge where you must get to a certain performance in order to be eligible for a jumbo-sized funding from your broker.


ThorFX is among the popular choices for a funded account trading platform which offers several tiers of funding. At most, you are able to get funded with up to $200,000. Yes, this is real money that is deposited to your account once you pass the challenge. Want to know more? Let’s get to it.


What is the funded account challenge?

There are two steps, or stages, that you need to pass in order to be eligible for a funded account and trade with your broker’s money. And that’s actually the beauty of it. Traders can prove they know their game by signing up for a funded account and passing the challenge successfully.


What you need to do is go through two steps – evaluation and verification.


Evaluation is the first stage where you need to trade for a period of 10 to 30 days and hit a profit of just 10%. In other words, if you fund your account with $400 and use leverage of 1:100, you need to make a profit of only $40 to pass this step. But be careful because the maximum daily loss is 5%, while the overall loss is pegged at 15%.


Verification is the second step in the challenge. Your profit target in it is fixed at a lower rate of 8%. But your trading period is doubled to 60 days. All else being the same – max daily loss at 5%, max overall loss at 15%.


And that’s it! You pass this, you get the funds. Once there, ThorFX, as a funded account trading platform, gives you an 80% slice of the profits. The losses? Don’t worry about them. Your capital is at no risk at all. If you go through a downturn and you see your account shrink, you do not have to cover any losses from your own pocket. Instead, ThorFX will absorb the loss and leave you absolutely safe.


Ready to start the funded account challenge?

As you can see, the funded account challenge brings no risk to your funds but carries a tremendous potential for profits. If you get funded with $200,000 and make a 10% profit on it in one month, that’s $20,000 of which ThorFX clips just $4,000 and you’re left with $16,000 that you can withdraw at your convenience.


While the steps are simple, many traders have been surprised to see that it takes skill and good timing to pass the challenge. If you feel like you’re up for it and have what it takes, head over to ThorFX’s trading platform and sign up.


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